About Us

Brockmiller Construction is a third generation general contractor with over 80 years of experience in project management. We are an ever-growing, full-service, multidisciplinary commercial contracting firm based in Farmington, Missouri. We work with a diversified group of clients in both the public and private sector throughout Southeast Missouri. Our wide range of projects include the following:performing arts centers, sports facilities, schools, healthcare facilities, hotels, churches, office buildings, government buildings, sewer treatment plants, pre engineered metal buildings and retail centers.

Our Strengths

Our Approach to Doing Business

We value the team approach, from the planning stages through turn-key construction. To be sure we are working as a team, Brockmiller management becomes deeply involved with the client and their needs.  We are accessible to our clients. We don’t waste your time with insulating layers of bureaucracy.  We make sure our workload never exceeds our ability for executive involvement. By working with a select group of clients, we can allocate maximum resources to each project.

We work to exceed our clients’ expectations. We make sure your needs determine the project schedule, design and completion. We focus on your priorities and are attentive to every detail. Our commitment to client service has kept us on the cutting edge of the construction business for 80 plus years. It’s the fundamental element in our success and it’s clearly illustrated by the return rate of our clients. At Brockmiller Construction we have clients that participate in the building process, not customers that simply purchase a finished product. Put our team to work for you.

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